What We Offer

If you are looking to increase your yield and yield quality in both high-stress and low-stress conditions”, we have got you covered. BioEnsure® BioTango synergizes with bacteria for greater yields.

Bio Ensure
Synergy between BioEnsure® and BioTango on Alfalfa

Key Benefits

We at BioEnsure® BioTango offer microbial seed and plant treatments that provide a wide range of advantages. Collectively the benefits of our products encompass the following:

  • Increased tolerance to drought, salinity, and temperature
  • Increased plant biomass
  • Decreased irrigation needs

Why Choose Us

Our 1 ounce of material can work on 10 acres.

The application rates of BioEnsure® BioTango have a basis in delivering a certain number of fungal spores per seed or plant.

We strive to offer efficiency with effectiveness.

Scaling up in agriculture, our 1oz of BioEnsure® BioTango is for 10 acres of foliage or in-furrow application.

Drop us a line to learn more about how we can help you.

Bio Ensure